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In Fund-raising, Successful Growth Begins With

                             Successful Growth Begins With Specialized Care
In order to launch a successful fund-raising campaign, you need to answer five questions:

1. Who will you approach to ask for gifts?
2. What relationships do you have with these people that are conducive to a positive     response?
3. Who is going to solicit your prospects and are they credible representatives of your     organization?
4. Why is it important that donors give to your organization?
5. Are you ready to launch and manage a timely campaign? can assist you in answering these questions and resolving all of your challenges. Our Keys To Success strategy has been proven to be a successful approach to fund-raising; through it we empower our clients, enabling them to reach their goals. With your staff and board, we deliver the advice, the resources, the training and the tools that you need to initiate a successful fund-raising campaign.

We call our collection of custom services Specialized Care. It works. Review any of our case studies to discover how Specialized Care delivers success and can work for you.

We will help you to create the right mission statement. We will identify prospective donors. We will share your success with the media. In addition, we offer customized research, grant writing assistance and certification classes for your staff, communications planning, staff recruitment and training, legal advice and more.

Contact us to discover how can help your organization grow.

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